Truman College

Auditoriums & Cafeteria Renovations
Chicago, IL

Project Info

A primary goal for the cafeteria renovation was to keep an eye on cost, while upgrading the appearance and inefficiencies of the layout. Re-use of many items and refurbishing the ceramic tile were incorporated. The new floor plan including the centrally located cashier/serving station and a bi-parting entry storefront, contributed to a more inviting space with easier access to various food areas and efficient movement throughout.

A second part of the project was to renovate the large Performance Theatre hall and two lecture halls. There was an extensive demolition phase prior to installing the new performance hall seating, carpeting, and stair safety lighting. Each lecture hall received a state-of-the-art projection screen and dry erase wall coverings. The Performance Theatre hall also received a new support truss to accommodate lighting needs for theatrical performances and a new assistive listening system for the hearing impaired.

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