Illinois Bone & Joint Institute

Orthopaedic Clinic
Morton Grove, IL

The program was simple yet complex to achieve. The objective was to transform a former two-story retail and warehouse box into an efficiently managed, high tech, high volume, upscale orthopedic clinic capable of meeting the needs and expectations of eleven Orthopedic and Rheumatology physicians and staff seeing an average of 600 patients per day. Included was the added challenge of an L-shaped footprint with each wing extending over 200 feet. The complete program called for 60 Exam rooms, Waiting capacity for 150, six Radiology rooms, an I.V. Therapy suite, Bone Density suite, Medical Study and Research library, a Lab, and a Minor Procedure room. The total Clinic square footage was 34,400.

(Project completed as Principal of Matocha Associates.)